The Case

Greg Kelley is a 19 year old young man who was recently convicted on sexual assault charges with a minor. This became a very high profile news story. We believe that the investigation and prosecution of this young man was ripe with mistakes, omissions, and deception. Because of this, thousands of concerned citizens in central Texas, around the country, and even around the world have taken up his cause and are seeking justice on his behalf.

The alleged crime happened around 2013 in the home of a family that Greg was staying with while he finished his senior year at Leander High School. This family ran a day care in their home. He was staying there because his father had suffered a major heart stroke and his mother was scheduled for a surgery to remove a brain tumor and they no longer maintained addresses within the school district.

From start to finish, this case has not been handled according to investigative and criminal prosecution procedures and protocols. Here is a timeline of problems that occurred along the way:

  • When the initial accusation was made by the child, there was no specific day/time stated when this supposedly occurred.
  • The parents of the child, after hearing their son make these accusations, continued to take their son back to the home day care where this allegedly occurred. Greg was still living there while they continued to bring their son in.
  • After an extended period of time, the parents finally went to the police to report this accusation.
  • Upon hearing this accusation, the Cedar Park Police Department never investigated Greg Kelley. There was no questioning. There was no interrogation. Simply an arrest and then his trial.
  • The police also never went to the home day care to investigate. No questioning. No interrogations. The owner of the home day care was not interviewed.
  • There were 10 teenage boys that were living at this home day care during this time frame. None of them were questioned or interrogated.
  • The investigator assigned to Greg’s case decided not to use a specially trained counselor to speak with the child to get his story. Instead he decided to do this questioning himself without following best practice guidelines. Some of those include:
  • --------------------------------------
  • Questioning the boy one time, capturing it on video, and being done.
  • There was no building a rapport with the child (admitted this under oath).
  • He wore his gun into the interview with a young child.
  • The detective admitted under oath to asking leading questions to the child in order to get the desired answers.
  • Detective admitted under oath to deleting all emails between himself and the counselor assigned to work with the young boy. This is a violation of the Police Department policy as well.
  • --------------------------------------
  • There was no evidence. There were no witnesses. Just the accusation of a young boy.
  • The prosecutor had said that there wasn’t enough there to go to court without a second accuser. Suddenly a second accuser came forward. During the trial though, the second accuser took the stand and said that Greg never touched him. The judge dropped the charges from this accuser
  • The Cedar Park Police Chief came out in media reports before the trial and proclaimed that Greg is guilty.
  • The jury was hung after 10+ hours of deliberation. They sent word to the judge that they were hung. The judge gave them two options: 1) Go back and deliberate further, OR 2) He would sequester the jury for the night and they could begin deliberations again the next day. The jury went back to deliberate and within 10 minutes they changed their votes and found him guilty.

The prosecution has the burden of proving the guilt of the accused beyond all reasonable doubt.

We have a group (currently 8300+) concerned citizens who are calling for something to be done here. This is not justice. Think of the consequences for any person who has an accusation made against them and not having an investigation done to verify the accusation as true or false. This is a scary precedent!

**Before the trial ever began, Greg was offered a plea deal from the prosecution to have 10 years probation, no prison time, community service, and register as a sex offender. Greg turned down this plea citing that he could not say that he did something he didn’t do.**

Once he was proclaimed as guilty, another plea deal was offered to give him the minimum 25 year mandatory sentence, no parole, waive his right to an appeal, and register as a sex offender after he is released from prison. He was given 5 minutes to decide to take this or risk having a life sentence from the jury. He accepted this plea deal as justice had let him down the day before and not wanting to risk it happening again the next day.