• "How do I get merchandise if I can't make it to the events?"
  • We sell all of our merchandise at all of the events. However if you can't make it to the events, then we can mail it to you pretty quickly.

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  • "By fighting for GK, you are intimidating other children, who have been abused, into staying silent."
  • By fighting for GK, we are stating that we want to make sure that justice has been done by taking a second look at the case, and making sure that the actual perpetrator goes to prison for a long time. Our group didn't create the rule - beyond all reasonable doubt." That was established long before each of us. By denying that this case has extraordinary issues is disingenuous. We have never attacked the young child in this case, nor his family. We have been laser focused on the system and authorities that failed at doing their jobs completely, ethically, and accurately.
  • "You are calling the 4 year old a liar."
  • For something to be a lie, then intent had to be there. The 4 year old would have had to know the truth and decide not to tell it for it to be a lie...and we do not believe that is the case. Those who say the accusation should be enough...are you saying that no child is ever mistaken or confused? We believe that something probably did occur with this child, but we do not believe that it was proven beyond all reasonable doubt that it was Greg Kelley.
  • "All of GK's supporters are high school friends and family."
  • This is far beyond just a small group of friends. Who do you know that has 7500+ very close high school friends and family members? This is a movement of people - most of which who have never met Greg and know nothing of him personally. We have just looked at how this investigation (or lack thereof) and trial went and know that this is just not the way that our system was designed to work.
  • "You are supporting an admitted child molester."
  • Two things on this one:
  • 1) Greg has never said that he committed this crime. Quite the opposite. They say that because he took the plea deal that he admitted his guilt. Let's think people...he was found guilty the day before by the jury. He never had to plead guilty. He simply accepted the terms of the deal offered.
  • 2) We do not believe that it has been proven beyond all reasonable doubt that he was guilty because of the missed steps of the investigator on this case, as well as new evidence that will be revealed at a new trial.

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