Greg Kelley's Hearing Granted!


On Tuesday - September, 9, 2014 – Judge Michael McSpadden, of Harris County, agreed with Greg Kelley and his defense team that a hearing should be scheduled to discuss the motions filed on Greg Kelley’s behalf, as well as review new evidence offered by Keith Hampton, Mr. Kelley’s attorney. While this decision has not gone so far as to issue a new trial, we are confident that this hearing is a major step in that direction and our pursuit of justice.

Unfortunately, District Attorney Jana Duty and her office have opposed this hearing and the motion for a new trial, despite having a well respected attorney in Keith Hampton swear under oath that he can produce evidence that will lead to the overturning of Greg Kelley’s conviction. It is disturbing to see those who are most responsible for assuring justice in Williamson County turn a deaf ear and a blind eye to any evidence that might correct a previous wrong. This is not the first time that this has occurred and certainly the people of Williamson County deserve better.

Judge McSpadden has the reputation for being fair and consistently following the law, and we look forward to his findings regarding Greg Kelley. September 29th is the deadline for a decision on the motion for a new trial and it is rapidly approaching. Our hopes and prayers are that this new trial will be granted immediately following the upcoming hearing. Our pursuit has been for justice to prevail, and with this announcement, we have gotten much closer to reaching this goal.


All parties are still working on the date for the hearing. There are 3 possible dates that have been identified, but it has not been determined yet as to which of the three it will be. We will let you know when that has been decided.

Fighting for Justice!

On July 15, 2014, Greg Kelley was named guilty of sexual assault of a child. He was given 25 years in prison without parole. The problem is, he was convicted based solely on the testimony of a 4 year old boy. Not to discredit the words of a 4 year old, but no other supporting evidence was given. Kelley was never interrogated by the police, no other suspects were sought out, and the police department kept their investigation focused only on Kelley without admitting there could be other explanations. This site is in place to help consolidate and distribute information to the public as to the details of the case so you can make your own judgment as to Kelley's guilt or innocence. We believe he was wrongly charged, by not allowing more evidence in support of Kelley's innocence to be brought forward. We feel this was a witch-hunt with only Kelley as the target. This could happen to any of our young men or women moving forward if we allow this type of court precedent to be set.

We are NOT saying that the 4-year-old boy was not sexual assaulted at some point in his young life. He very likely was, given that he had detailed knowledge of explicit sexual activity. However, we do not feel that there was enough evidence to name Kelley as the perpetrator. The police never considered any other suspects /there was NO investigation on other possible suspects.

This movement is ALSO fully in support of helping those who are the victims of sexual abuse and are looking for ways to help in that area too. Both young men were victims in this case, not just one.

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